Terms and Conditions

1. Website Content

360 ENVIRONMENTAL provides access to communication services through computer systems and the peripheral systems they are linked to. 360 ENVIRONMENTAL reserves the right to modify and improve the aforementioned services. 360 ENVIRONMENTAL reserves the right to terminate or restrict the portal in its entirety or parts thereof. This also includes in particular the portal’s complementary services and other offerings, and especially those in the sections requiring registration. Insofar as users have registered for a charged subscription, special cancellation arrangements may apply.

2. Availability

360 ENVIRONMENTAL online is normally available 24 hours per day every day. 360 ENVIRONMENTAL reserves the right to restrict these times of operation or to temporarily terminate the service for technical reasons.

3. Conclusion of Contract

IN the event that 360 ENVIRONMENTAL offers chargeable or password protected services, the user becomes a 360 ENVIRONMENTAL customer upon sending the electronic registration form. The customer is responsible for the protection of the identifier (username, password) assigned and sent to him.

4. Disclaimer of Liability

(1) 360 ENVIRONMENTAL takes no responsibility for the supplied information being up to date, correct, complete or meeting the quality standards. Claims of liability against 360 ENVIRONMENTAL relating to material or intellectual damage caused by the use or non-use of the supplied information or the use of erroneous or incomplete information are categorically excluded unless 360 ENVIRONMENTAL or auxiliary persons have acted with intent or gross negligence, or death, injury or impairment to health has been caused.
(2) Should a fault, mistake, interruption, or temporary loss occur in the provision of chargeable services, or if they are not available in full, 360 ENVIRONMENTAL’s liability is limited to the fees charged for the services concerned. Claims of this nature must be reported in writing within a maximum period of 10 days after detection of the apparent fault etc.
(3) 360 ENVIRONMENTAL cannot be held liable for damage suffered by the user arising from the abuse or loss of the identifier (username, password) assigned to him.
(4) The user is legally responsible for the correctness of the data stated by him at the time of registration and for the secrecy of his access data.

5. Links and References

Where direct and indirect references are made to external websites (‘hyperlinks’) that lie beyond the scope of 360 ENVIRONMENTAL’s responsibility, 360 ENVIRONMENTAL will only be liable if, in the case of unlawful contents, 360 ENVIRONMENTAL has foreknowledge of the contents and it would have been technically possible and within the bounds of what is reasonable to have prevented use in the case of unlawful contents.
360 ENVIRONMENTAL hereby expressly declares that no illegal contents are recognisable on the external website at the time a link is created. 360 ENVIRONMENTAL has no influence whatsoever on the current or future design, contents, or authorship of the website to which 360 ENVIRONMENTAL has created a link or shortcut.

6. Copyright and Trademark Legislation

The published articles are protected by copyright. All rights are reserved relating to the use, duplication, circulation, reproduction by means of storage media for images, sound or data, translation, processing, and transformation. The user is not authorised to place any content at the disposal of third parties in or via the Internet, Intranet, or Extranet. Reproduction in any form of part or parts of the content is prohibited without the express permission of 360 ENVIRONMENTAL in writing. Any infringement shall entail prosecution according to civil and criminal law.
Conveying portal contents (also applicable to extracts) to third-parties is not permitted without 360 ENVIRONMENTAL’s approval. It is forbidden to link and/or represent websites belonging to the portal or their contents by means of a hyperlink embedded in a frame.
All brands and trademarks protected by third parties and which are mentioned or appear in 360 ENVIRONMENTAL online are subject without restriction to the proprietary rights of the respective registered owner.

7. Data Protection

360 ENVIRONMENTAL undertakes to treat confidentially all personalised data, customer enquiries, research orders, and customer profiles.
Where personal or business data can be entered (e-mail addresses, names, and postal addresses) such data is given by the user on an expressly voluntary basis. In the frame of these terms and conditions, customer and supplier data shall be stored in electronic form in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

8. Prices and Terms of Payment

The website contains links to other websites. We are not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of third party websites.

(9) Updating information

The chargeable services used by the user will be invoiced by 360 ENVIRONMENTAL at the prices applicable for each one. All payments are to be made in pounds sterling. Subscription charges are payable in advance. The annual subscription is renewed automatically unless a cancellation has been received at least eight weeks before the subscription expires. A trial subscription automatically becomes an annual subscription unless a cancellation is received at least two weeks before the subscription term expires. Upon default of payment, 360 ENVIRONMENTAL is authorised to bar on-line access. Cancellations must be submitted in writing.