Waste legislation

360 Environmental is primarily about providing support to businesses that have to operate under waste legislation. To this end we have a wide range of services designed to take the pain away from businesses and ensure they are fully compliant in a cost effective and convenient manner.

However, many businesses just need to understand how legislation operates and what they are required to do. This information is often hard to find on government websites and is often very technical anyway. We understand how difficult it can be to find the basics and have therefore designed our legislation pages to try and provide practical and easy to understand guidance. We hope the pages are laid out logically and helpfully and where possible, we have provided links to relevant documents and pages on other websites, especially government departments. However, often they will change these without any warning and you may find some of these are broken. Please let us know if this is the case and we will ensure the link is re-established.

We have tried to cover all subjects that are relevant to general waste management and Producer Responsibility. Keeping this up to date is time consuming and we do our best. But if you find information that you believe is wrong, out of date etc, it would be extremely helpful if you could drop us a quick email to let us know. 


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