Latest Defra EPR Business Readiness Forum update

Jun 2, 2023

Emailed 2/6/23


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In this edition (2 June 2023): 

  • Business Readiness Forum summary and future dates 
  • UK Gov response to Scottish DRS
  • EPR online packaging methodology guidance 
  • EPR Modulated Fees

Business Readiness Forum and Q&As

This newsletter edition recaps the topics and related questions and answers from the most recent BRF on 30 May. We also provide links to register for future BRF sessions. Read more…

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UK Government response to Scottish DRS and Q&As

At the BRF we shared the UK Government had agreed to a UK Internal Market (UKIM) exclusion on a temporary and limited basis. Read more…

EPR online packaging methodology guidance and Q&As

A guide to documenting how packaging data, known as ‘methodology’, is collected has been published on Read more about it, including associated Q&As.


EPR Modulated Fees

The four nations are jointly launching a set of engagement activities with an aim that from 2025/2026 onwards, EPR fees will be adjusted (modulated) to incentivise producers to use materials with a lower environmental impact. Read more… including Q&As on this topic.

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