EPR registration system delayed

Jun 15, 2023

At a recent meeting of the packaging Compliance Scheme Engagement Group, Defra announced a delayed timetable for implementation of the new EPR registration system (known as RPD) for Schemes and Direct Registrants although to date, there has been no public announcement on this.

The original expectation was that this system would be open to submission of company details along with the first 6 month’s ‘placed on the market’ (POM) data in early July. However, the latest position is as follows:

From August 16th – System open to producers and compliance schemes to:

  • Set up an account
  • Associate that account with a compliance scheme
  • Upload organisational data
  • Upload POM data

From September 13th – Schemes and producers can submit this information. Assuming it will be similar to the way NPWD works, this will mean that their information and data is effectively locked for the Agencies to approve it.

The deadline for this information to be submitted remains 1st October.