Packaging targets consultation published

30 NOVEMBER 2016

Defra has published a consultation on packaging waste recycling targets through to 2020 for paper, aluminium, steel, wood, recycling and recovery. This follows the targets that were agreed earlier this year for glass and plastic which are still awaiting regulatory change.

At present, targets are only in place until 2017. Recent investigation into the amount of packaging placed on the UK market by Valpak through the WRAP Packflow project has identified changes over previously assumed volumes. More recently, these have identified significant differences from previous paper and wood data, with paper in particular seeing a big jump. This has been put down primarily to the increase in online shopping, but the change means that the overall paper packaging recycling performance is significantly lower than previously reported.

The new targets have to take into consideration a number of factors. Will we still be required - or want - to meet the proposed EU targets for 2025 and 2030? Do we need to do more on packaging to help meet the household waste recycling target of 50% by 2020? Will an increase in targets lead to excessive PRN costs? 

The consultation is seeks views on 3 options. Whilst they might appear to be fixed options, Defra is keen for respondents to consider any combination of targets and to provide supporting information for their reasons.

The consultation closes on 6th January and is accompanied by an Impact Assessment which provides all the backing detail behind the proposals.