Q1 packaging data published

24 APRIL 2017

*UPDATED 26/04*

The packaging recycling data for Q1 was published on Saturday on NPWD with some surprising results but it has now been corrected. The system automatically generates the report from the data that has been entered by accredited reprocessors and exporters over the quarter regardless of whether they have completed their quarterly returns by the deadline of 21st. This data is then validated by the EA who publish the final verified data in mid-May. What has therefore just been published may well contain significant errors.

The data raised a big question on plastic with a sharp rise in both exports and UK reprocessing contradicting sector sentiment. It would appear that this was a result of data entry error reporting in kgs instead of tonnes. The total plastic tonnage has now been revised down by 73k tonnes to just over 260k tonnes.

Also surprising is the relatively low glass position. However, whilst lower than last year's average, it is still significantly higher that Q1 2016 and suggests that there will be a catch up in future quarters.

Steel volumes rose from Q4 with export pressures being compensated by a strong UK performance.

As can be seen from the graphs, with the plastic adjustment, the figures are relatively consistent with 2016 suggesting at this stage, a reasonable overall position for 2017 although we must wait until the first cut of obligated data is published in May to get the initial demand/supply position. But using last year's obligated data adjusted with this year's targets, it can be seen that even plastic is well on track.