WEEE Settlement Centre Data indicates Compliance Fee requirements

15 MAY 2017

The evidence entered onto the WEEE Settlement Centre (SC) has been made available indicating a shortfall in Small Mixed WEEE and lamps that will have led to the need for the Compliance Fee (CF) for some Producer Compliance Schemes (PCS).

The table below shows the amount of evidence registered on the SC. It does not mean that all this would have been used as for instance, a PCS might have had a surplus of evidence that it was unable - or unwilling - to shift. But it does indicate the minumum CF requirement although there are some interesting data anomalies. Only AATFs can issue evidence, so it is strange that there was significantly more lighting and photovoltaic cells evidence issued than reported by AATFs. It is also interesting to see that for a number of streams, there was more tonnage reported by AATFs than reported as being collected. But no doubt there are good reasons for this. Unfortunately, the Agencies do not see fit to publish the actual amount of evidence satisfied by the Compliance Fee, so that part of the data we will never know.