Data has to be supplied to the Agencies by Compliance Schemes, independant DCF operators and AATFs/AEs by the end of the month following a quarter.

This information is basically as follows relating to that previous quarter and in all cases, has to be split out by Category and whether it was for/from business or households:

From Compliance Schemes
The tonnage of EEE placed onto the market by their members.
The tonnage of WEEE collected by them from DCFs and retailers or by their members.

From independent DCFs
The tonnage of WEEE collected from their DCFs

From AATFs and AEs
The tonnage WEEE received, treated and reused

The EA supply aggregated data to the Schemes normally about a month after receipt and then publish on their website sometime after. WEEE Data can be found here.

A Service Level Agreement shows the dates when data should be published.

The data below shows the number of local authorities each scheme is contracted with for DCFs. The latest position on which local authority is aligned to which PCS is available on GOV.UK.


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