Defra webinar on EPR data producer enrolment – 14 AUGUST 2023

Aug 24, 2023

A Defra webinar to Compliance Schemes this morning went through ‘bite-size’ videos they have produced – a series of slides – that are supposed to guide producers through the process of getting set up on the new RPD (Report Packaging Data) system that will open on Wednesday.

Producers will have to first enrol with a follow-on element if they wish to ‘link’ to a Compliance Scheme. In mid-September, RPD will then allow data to be submitted.

The enrolment process is described in this video with the slides extracted here. Enrolment must be carried out by a Director or Company Secretary.

The process of linking to a Compliance Scheme is described in this video with the slides extracted here.

It seems that there is still a considerable amount of development to be carried out on these processes as most of the questions raised during the webinar could not be answered. For instance, whilst a producer can select a Compliance Scheme, the Compliance Scheme will not be able to see which producers have selected it. There is nothing about subsidiaries on the enrolment screens nor does the person doing the enrolment need to provide an email address. And there is nothing about delegating authority to a non-Director.

No doubt all will become clear on Wednesday when the producer enrolment screens actually go live……