The RPD system for EPR packaging data is now open for enrolment – 16 AUGUST 2023

Aug 24, 2023

Under the EPR Data Regulations, large producers (over £2m t/o and that handle more than 50 tonnes of packaging in a year) must provide data for the first 6 months of 2023 by 1 October whilst small producers (£1-2m t/o, 25-50 tonnes) must do so from January 2024.

The process first requires producers to enrol. This must be done by a Director, Company Secretary, partner or sole trader and is a 5 minute process that first requires the person to set up an account with their email address by obtaining a verification code. Once they receive the code, they can then go though the process and set up a delegated authorised person.

The system will not be open to allow data to be submitted until 13 September, but a producer won’t be able to submit data unless they have enrolled and have a login.

The enrolment page can be found here.