Defra announce responses to previous consultations – 21st October 2023

Oct 23, 2023

Defra has published their response to three long awaited waste reforms that will have a major impact of both producers of waste and the waste management sector.

  • Simpler Recycling for Households and Businesses in England.
    • By 31 March 2025, non-household municipal premises in England will be required to recycle glass; metal; plastic; paper and card; food waste. Micro-firms (businesses with fewer than ten full-time equivalent employees) will have until 31 March 2027 to recycle these materials.
    • By 31 March 2026, local authorities will be required to collect all six waste streams from all households in England. This includes introducing weekly food waste collections.
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  • Introduction of mandatory digital waste tacking across the UK.
    • These changes will come into force from April 2025 – with the digital waste tracking service being publicly available to users on a voluntary basis from next year.
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  • Reforming the waste carrier, broker and dealer regime in England (regulations for those transporting and managing waste).
    • Response to the consultation on reforming the carriers, brokers, dealers regime sets out our proposals for stricter regulations from 2025 across England for those who manage and transport waste.
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