First cut of the 2007 packaging regs producer data published – 15 May 2024

May 15, 2024

With most of the producer responsibility data focus seemingly on EPR at the moment, it seems that a number of packaging producers have forgotten about registration under the 2007 regulations. The EA published the first cut of producer data this morning showing a big drop in registrations – and tonnage – compared to the same time last year – 6011 compared to 6211 in May 2023. And across the materials – apart from wood – tonnage has also dropped, not only in absolute terms, but also on a tonnes per producer basis.

Whilst it is always dangerous to draw too many conclusions at this stage, the numbers indicate that PRN demand will slow down and is likely to be significantly lower than last year, especially on the back of a strong carry forward position for December 2023 tonnage.