Producer Responsibility is all about making companies that are responsible for products going onto the UK market pay towards their environmental disposal when they reach the end of their useful life.

There are three key areas of producer responsibility that affect everyday products:

  • Packaging
  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • Batteries

In addition, there are regulations that govern the end of life disposal of vehicles – the ELV Regulations.

1. Packaging

There are two sides to the Packaging Regulations.

  • The Producer Responsibility Regulations that impose a cost in relation to the amount of packaging you handle.
  • The Essential Requirements Regulations which are designed to prevent over-packaging.

a. If your company or group of companies:

  • Had a turnover above £2m in your most recent year of trading and
  • Handled more than 50 tonnes of packaging during the last calendar year (manufactured, converted or filled packaging and/or imported or sold products in packaging which in total added up to more than 50 tonnes)

it is likely you should be registered under the Packaging Waste Regulations.

b. If your company

  • Places products into packaging
  • Sells own-brand products
  • Imports packed product

You must comply with the Essential Requirements legislation to ensure that the packaging is recylable and that excessive packaging is not being used.


You should be registered under the WEEE Regulations:

  • If your company, regardless of size, sells under own label, manufactures or imports any type of electrical or electronic product.
  • If you are a shop or on-line seller selling electrical products of any sort or quantity to household users.

3. Batteries

You should be registered under the Batteries Regulations:

  • If your company places portable dry cell batteries – either separately or in products – onto the UK market (generally as an importer, but not if you import for own use).
  • If you sell either more than 32kgs of portable dry cell batteries a year.
  • If you place automotive or industrial batteries onto the UK market.

Producer Responsibility

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